Сиреневая Сова

Название: Ain't Giving Up Quite Yet
Фандом: Legend of the Seeker
Пара: Richard/Kahlan
Песня: "Sweet & Low" by Augustana
While on the quest for the Stone of Tears, Richard begins to dream about a life and daughter with Kahlan he can never have. While in waking, he fights to finish his quest and stay by Kahlan's side, in sleep he's tormented by fantasies that can never come true. Still, no matter how hopeless their future together appears, Richard will never stop fighting for it, to find some way for the dream to become a reality.
Ворнинг: спойлеры к 2X21 'UNBROKEN'
От меня: :laugh: такое флаффно-префлаффное бейбиковское видео :sunny:

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