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- Joseph was born as Joseph Martin on May 16, 1981 in London.
- His eyes are blue-green, he is 5’11″ (180 cm) tall and weights around 159 pounds (72 kg).
- If Joseph could play another character on the show, it would be Damon.
- He has one tattoo on his right arm (pictured right) and another one on his chest (birds).
- He is a huge Positive Woman supporter.
- Joseph has been professionally acting since 2003 and he was studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama in his late teens. Before getting serious about acting, he was in a band.
- Joseph got his first acting job at school because no one else had been cast.
- He LOVES reading and his favourite author is Stephen King.
- He loves Gordon Ramsay’s show called Kitchen Nightmares.
- His favourite track from Laura Marling is My manic and I.
- One of his favourite books is ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King.
- Joseph is a massive fan of The Walking Dead.
- He is very into ‘zombie movies’ like ‘Dead Snow’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake, ’28 days’, ’28 weeks’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ (which is also his favourite TV show).
- Fight Club is one of his favourite films of all time.
- He is afraid of spiders.
- In his first The Vampire Diaries shot, he said the wrong line.
- He once tried to tattoo himself but it wore off and he doesn’t recommend it to anyone.
- Loves to jump from high places into water.
- He loves doing his own stunts.
- Joseph likes experiences over things.
- If stranded on island, he’d take Daniel Gillies with him because he is skilled in martial arts.
- He enjoys tea and diet coke. He doesn’t really like fizzy drinks though.
- Joseph Morgan’s favourite horror movie is Interview with a Vampire. He watched the trailer 20 times.
- Talking about the musicals-he loves Little Shop of Horrors and likes Grease.
- He goes to the gym everyday because he’s terrified of opening a sсript and seeing the word shirtless.
- He never leaves home without his phone.
- He had no stunt double in Ben Hur, all of his fight scenes were done by him.
- He loves playing the bad guy and causing the drama that the good guys must fix.
- You can listen to Joseph saying: “Previously on the Vampire Diaries…” at the third episode of season 3.
- His favourite language is French (have I mentioned that he speaks it?) and his favourite animal is shark because he is terrified and fascinated by them.
- Joseph’s favourite quote is: “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” by Charles Bukowski.
- His favourite food is steak.
- Joe loves to paint and draw (he is amazingly talented!) in his free time.
- Joseph’s dad a painter. You can visit his great website here.

Read more: josephmorgan.org

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